What is LiFi and How it’s Work

The full form of LiFi technology is Light Fidelity. It is a high-speed optical wireless technology. LiFi technology makes Visible Light (light emitted from LED bulbs) for digital information transmission. All of you are acquittances with WI-FI, this technology is similar with some difference. Both WiFi and LiFi share information, but use the different medium as WiFi use radio signal and LiFi uses Light waves to transmit data. WiFi transmits data from Radio Waves, while LiFi on the other hand uses Visible Light Communication. This technology works with the light that is emitted from the light bulb (LED). LiFi uses Visible Light Communication. In which Visible Light Rays are used. The range of these rays is 400-800 Thz.
Due to the transfer of data through light in this technology, its speed is about 224 GBps. Which is about 1000 times more than wifi. Meaning this technology is not available everywhere else you can, within a few seconds, stand under an LED bulb and download movies, videos. Its advantage is also that with the service of the Internet, there will never be any darkness in your room because when you turn on the LiFi bulb, then the light will come out and the internet will also come out.
As all Internet devices work, LiFi also works. Before knowing how it works, you should know which components are being used in it. Mainly these are 3 components.

li fi
li fi kya hain

1. Lamp Driver
2. LED Lamp
3. Photo Detector

Along with these three components, you need another connection, which we and you call the Internet. Already I have given you a piece of information, it transmits data through Lights.

There are some characteristics of LED bulb. Due to the Light Emitting Diode and Fluorescent Component in the LED bulb, it is the right component for LiFi.

A high-speed data rate is required for LiFi and DATA in LED bulbs are transmitted at the speed of light. The Light Intensity in these LED Bulbs varies very fast. Light is sometimes on and sometimes off.
Human Eyes can never see these LIght On and Off. But Photo Detector sees all this. Due to all these reasons, LED bulb is the best. To understand the working of LiFi, you had to understand LED.

modus operandi
The Internet Source is connected to the Lamp Driver and the Lamp Driver transmits the information coming from the Internet cables inside the Led Bulb. Then the light comes in the LED bulb. As soon as it collides with the photodetector below, the change in the photodetector light is easily recognized.

Now Photodetector converts Light Signals to Binary data. And sends it to be processed on a computer or Smartphone. Later it gets converted into Audio, Video, Images. After this, we can see the data in the application.
Like the Led Lamp via the Lamp Driver and then the data from the Photo Detector comes to the Mobile. In the same way, the data from Mobile can go back to the Receiver via the LED Lamp, unlike it. It also works on Bidirectional System. Sender to Receiver and Receiver to Sender.

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