Apple iPhone14 launch – Old Champagne in new bottle or Win- Win Situation

Apple iPhone14 launch – Old Champagne in new bottle or Win- Win Situation


Apple  iPhone14 launch event occurs today 0n 07 September 2022. Apple iPhone 14 Pro starts at Rs; iPhone 14 at Rs,900 iPhone 14 Launch in India, September 7 The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 series are now sanctioned. Apple also launched the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple AirPods Pro 2, and Apple Watch Ultra.


All products vended with iTunes 10 on board will be unleashed from iOS 11 onward before dispatching to all retailers or guests worldwide starting July 21st for pre-orders until August 31st (approx). While device vacuity has not been verified beyond that point, there’s an open beta available then.


At this stage it should take around 5- 8 weeks of no major pause time between any release date event live updates if they come through a carrier mate who offers them supporttherefore delivering you listed update right also when you need them most.


Meanwhile, we came to know in the Apple iPhone14 launch, that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus continue with the aged A15 Bionic chipset, but Apple is perfecting the camera, adding safety features like crash discovery. It’s also removing the SIM charger from the US models of the iPhone 14 series. And yes, Apple is bringing extremity SOS via Satellite connectivity, but only for US and Canada for now.

Specification (Apple iPhone14 launch)

Apple iPhone14 launch
Apple iPhone14 launch

Apple-iPhone 14 launch

The specs- 16 GB internal memory– 4G LTE support( MMS or GSM) with UMTS/ HSPA band- USB Type C charging port-,5 mm stereo headphone jack– GPS receiver allows you to transfer position data directly over Bluetooth LE bias so it can track effects similar as your surroundings.



Front & hinder cameras on both sides Winder facing binary LED flash power index– point scanner able of unleashing cinch screen automatically when entering PIN code manually if fingerprint checkup was performed successfully; Touch ID detector will turn itself off after a 10 seconds charge without turning out; Battery life up to 60 hours battery time, according to test mode.


The bigger camera detector gets in further light, making the Pro models much more in low light photography. Computational photography goes a notch up with the capability to clarify images to show further detailindeed in low-light conditions.


Apple iPhone14
Apple iPhone14

The quadrangle pixel detector is landing further information with each click. And the videotape quality also goes over numerous notches with the new action mode that stabilizes all vide0s without a gimbal. And, cinematic videos now get 4K resolution.


The new Apple Watch Ultra is geared for the pros. Comes with a special case. It has a 49 mm case as well with one of the biggest displays. It also gets a devoted action button. Apple Watch Ultra will bring$ 799. It goes on trade from September 23. Apple AirPods Pro 2 was also launched.


(Apple iPhone14 launch)


These come with Spatial Audio, a new H2 chip, and advanced noise cancellation. They also come with a Touch control to let customer control volume with a light swipe up or down. You can add further speakers via an appendage (it’s available now in Canada).


After the event of the Apple iPhone14 launch,this is your list of all smartphones that got streamlined lately 1) Moto X Play– streamlined Android 5 Nougat OS 3D Max 1560 Octa Core processor Binary SIM 4 GB RAM;( with S Pen too!) 2) Motorola Nexus 6P- With Google Pixel Display Plus model without binary SIM camera front-facing point scanner.


Apple hosted the Apple iPhone14 launch in person at the Steve Jobs Theatre, located in the Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California. With the iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple has revamped the notch both from a tackle and software perspective.


It now functions as a “Dynamic Island” able of showing some intriguing robustness depending on the app being used. The Watch Series 8 will bring Rs45,900 in India. The Watch SE 2 will start at Rs 29,900. Air Pods Pro (2nd generation) will be available for Rs,900 in India. They go up for pre-order from September. Avails are on September 23.


After the Apple iPhone14 launch, Indian clients can get iPhone 14 for Rs,7900 and an iPhone 14 Plus for Rs,8900. Deals begin September 16 for the iPhone 14, while the iPhone 14 Plus will be available from October 7. The watch faces are inspired by icons set up throughout colorful apps such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook that customers want to see more frequently.



Please refer apple website for detail of Apple iPhone14 launch


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