INS VIKRANT 2022- Indian Sea Monster? life-changing

INS VIKRANT 2022- Indian Sea monster?

Today, 02 September is one of the historic days in the country’s history. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi handed over the first indigenous aircraft carrier ‘INS Vikrant’ to the Indian Navy today. It is the largest ship ever built in the maritime history of India.





Thirty (30) aircraft are going to be deployed on INS Vikrant, which is able to have 20 fighters and 10 helicopters. At present, MiG-29K (‘Black Panther’) fighter jets are going to be deployed on Vikrant and so there’ll be TEDBF i.e. Two Engine Deck Based Fighter Jet being developed by DRDO and HAL. Because it’s going to take some years for the TEDBF to be fully ready, America’s F-18A Super Hornet or France’s Rafale (M) will be deployed in the meantime.

The trials of both these fighter jets have started and after the ultimate report, it’ll be decided which attack aircraft is going to be deployed. From the month of November this year, MiG-29K fighter jets will start being deployed on Vikrant.

INS Vikrant carrier is largely an air force station floating above the ocean from where the notorious intention of enemies are often destroyed through fighter jets, missiles, and drones. 32 Barak-8 missiles are fired from INS Vikrant. Weighing over 44,570 tonnes, the warship is capable of accommodating 30 fighter jets and is provided with air-to-air missiles beyond visibleness and anti-ship missiles beyond guided bombs and rockets.

It’s also equipped with modern launch and recovery systems to handle various aircraft like Luna Landing System for MiG-29 and DAPS Landing System for Sea Harrier.

How much did it cost to make?

It has been built at a price of Rs 20,000 crore. It’s been designed by the Indian Navy’s own organization Warship Design Bureau and built by the Cochin Shipyard Limited, a public sector shipyard company under the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways. The overall cabling length of INS Vikrant is 2400 km which is adequate for the space between Kochi and Delhi.

The Vikrant is provided with state-of-the-art automatic features and is the largest ever-built ship in India’s maritime history. The aircraft carrier’s 2,300 compartments have room for 1,700 sailors, likewise as special cabins for girls officers, and is capable of generating enough electricity to power a tiny low town. Consistent with the military, food for 4800 people may be prepared in a very day in Vikrant’s kitchen and 10 thousand rotis may be baked in an exceedingly day.

What is the strength of INS Vikrant?

The airfoil aircraft on the Vikrant will have six anti-submarine helicopters, which are able to keep a special eye on enemy submarines. India has recently made a house in the US for twenty-four such multi-mission helicopters, MH-60R ie Romeo Helicopter. India has also got two (02) Romeo helicopters out of those. Other than this, two reconnaissance helicopters and only two are going to be employed in search and rescue missions. The strength of any combat ship is that fighter planes and helicopters are deployed thereon.

The war vessel works as a floating airfield within the ocean. Fighter jets and helicopters deployed thereon monitor and protect the ocean several hundred miles away. If any enemy warship doesn’t even dare to hit the submarine around it. The highest speed of Vikrant is 28 knots and it can cover a distance of 7500 nautical miles at a time, that is, it can reach Brazil after leaving India at a time. Fighter jets deployed thereon also can cover a distance of 1 or two thousand miles.


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