Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review, an honest one?

Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review, an honest one?


Summary- The substance


Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ is seen in a way; it’s a good attempt to bring the youthful generation running down from the eternal societies and traditions back towards their axis root. This story tries to bring a fictional story to the real artistic tales of “ Hindu Mythology ”. The idea is gripped by mythological whispers, but the narrative is pure fantasy. It can be considered too good an attempt to mount the story in this coherent illumination.


Movie Review – Brahmastra Part One Shiva (Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review)


Artist                -Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy And Shah Rukh                                                        Khan

Author              -Ayan Mukerji and Hussain Dalal

Director            -Ayan Mukerji

Creator            -Star Studios, Dharma Productions, Prime Focus and Starlight Pictures

Release date   -9 September 2022

Rating              -2.5/5


Background (Brahmāstra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review)


Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review
Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review -Featured image, header image

Conceived 11 years back, Ayan Mukerji’s film’ Brahmastra’ is suggested to be fashioned in three zones like a short story. The first part of this narrative is made by Ayan in the form of the movie Brahmastra Part One Shiva’. Its aftereffect film’ Brahmastra Part Two Deva’ has also been publicized in the climax of the movie and at the point at which the narrative stops, the interest of watching its alternate part remains in the audience.




In Hindu mythology, Brahmastra is the weapon that never fails after being fired. Here those who read the Ramcharit Manas telling the great story of Treta Yuga will remember the couplet ‘ब्रह्म अस्त्र तेहि सांधा कपि मन कीन्ह विचार। जौ न ब्रह्म सर मानऊं महिमा मिटइ अपार।। ’ again it has similarly been applied in the conflict of Mahabharata in Dwapar. This is a ammunition that’s comprehensive. It can be exercised again and again. And, whenever it’s used, it doesn’t return empty. Some themselves bow down in front of it and get tied into the circle and some are taken off from the target and the direction of Brahmastra is also changed.


Ayan Mukerji’s’ Brahmastra’ is a film. Its story runs into the present, former, and future. Ayan imprints the end of the story from time old and from the origin of the Brahmastra to the current day, forming a secret community of its custodians, where religion and knowledge blend in the form of the scientist Mohan. The diva of Darkness learns some secrets from Mohan and in the center of their hunt emerges the attachment tale of Shiva and Isha.


Crawling tale after interlude (Brahmāstra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review)


Beholding Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt sitting in attachment while doing a movie on the big screen for the first moment is coursing, to be actually pleasing to the lovers of real life. The movie similarly touches the heart of Shahrukh Khan’s fans. The entire sequence of the attack on the scientist Mohan’s house in quest of the initial piece of Brahmastra, observing the stars with his telescope, keeps the followership hooked. The trip from Vanarastra to Nandiastra has both speed and adventure.


The decelerating down of’ Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ starts from where an ashram comes in the story, outside which’ Ashram’ is also written. Similar miscalculations are multiple in the film, in which an attempt is made to tell the followership some egregious effects either by playing a voice in the background or by showing an entity on the big screen, which isn’t demanded in the film. It isn’t good to tell too important in the cinema.


 With the colors of carnivals, traditions (Brahmāstra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review)


Bhramastra movie review
Bhramastra movie review, ranbir kappor

The festivity of the film has its own color. A regard for the colors, lights, and enthusiasm between Dussehra to Diwali is seen in the film. The film also tries to produce its own separate world sluggishly from the midst of the present world. The story goes from Delhi to Varanasi via Himachal Pradesh and during this, the entire sequence of an attack on an auto is relatively thrilling. Amitabh Bachchan is used for his air in the film, while Mouni Roy manages to make an impact with her schemes and violent intentions.

The story of love’s palm over supernatural powers (Brahmāstra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review)


Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have lately been among the most talked-about lover of Hindi cinema. The honey of love between the two that arose during the firing of this film, its regard is set up in this film. It’s also a coexistence that in the film’s climax, there’s also an explanation of telling the power of love to be lesser than any cosmic or supernatural power. ” Brahmastra Part to God” is going to take this power of love forward.’ Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ is that occasion of Hindi cinema, which, if it can be saved from boycotts also it can make an Astraverse Hindi cinema like Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Final takes (Brahmāstra Part 1 Shiva Movie Review)


As the Boycott trend is going on in India, so this film is not going to create any magic. The recent Ujjain controversy of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt also brings negative criticism to the film.


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