Kantara Movie Review 5 Stories Awesome to be true

Kantara Movie Review

Directed by Rishab Shetty
Written by Rishab Shetty
Produced by Vijay Kiragandur
Starring Rishab Shetty
Achyuth Kumar
Pramod Shetty
Sapthami Gowda
Cinematography Arvind S. Kashyap
Edited by K. M. Prakash
Pratheek Shetty
Music by B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Production company Hombale Films
Distributed by Hombale Films
Release date 30-Sep-22
Running time 150 minutes
Country India
Language Kannada
Budget ₹16 crore
Box office est. ₹309 crore

Kantara Movie Story- Kantara Movie Review

kantara movie review
kantara movie review


The film started with a story dated back to the year 1847 in the coastal Mangalore area of ​​Karnataka. At that time a king had donated a huge land to the tribal people to establish the local god Panjuri to bring happiness and peace to the area. God had given a warning not to ask for the land back ever, otherwise, God will not forgive. In 1970 the descendent of the king asked back the land which was donated.

The deity-turned-dancer (villagers believe that the deity resides within the dancer) during the Bhoot Kola (local worship), got angered. The deity who entered the dancer body disappears into the forest. The king’s descendant also dies suddenly after a few days.

Kantara Movie Review

The real story began in 1990 when another descendant of Raja Sahab (Achyut Kumar) wants to acquire land back. At the same time, Shiva (Rishabh Shetty), the winner of Kambala, the game of running the buffalo, remains the keeper of the village. His father had already disappeared into the forest as a deity. On the same day, new Forest Officer Muralidhar (Kishore Kumar G.) is posted there, he wants to make the forest a reserve forest. At the same time, Shiva’s girlfriend Leela (Saptami Gowda) is a forest guard and is part of Muralidhar’s team. Can Shiva be able to save the land that his ancestors got from the deity? You have to go to the cinema to know this mystery.


Kantara Full movie -Kantara Movie Review

kantara movie review
kantara movie review


Kannada film Kantara has now been released in the Hindi language as well, and whoever is coming after seeing this film is just saying that the South cannot be competed with in making brother films. The film stars Rishabh Shetty in the lead role, who has directed the film, written the screenplay, and choreographed it. The excellent performances of the characters and the background music of the traditional Kannada sound coupled with modern beats bring life to the film.

Kantara Movie Review

The music of the movie and the cola dance can’t get out of your mind when you step out of the theatre. The film is full of mythology, culture, and drama. If Kantara has got a rating of 9.5 on IMDB, which is higher than KGF, then the reason for this is also valid. Let’s talk about the plot of the film. The word Kantara is derived from the word Kantar which means mysterious forest. Tulsidas has written in detail about Kantar in Vinaya Patrika. It is one of the most popular legends of India. on which the film is based.


Kantara Movie cast-Kantara Movie Review

kantara movie review
kantara movie review


Shiva Character Stars acting in ‘Kantara’

If this best-action thriller film is called completely Rishabh Shetty’s film, then nothing will be wrong. Rishabh has not only written the story of the film and played the lead role, but he is also the director of this film. He has beautifully portrayed this film based on the story related to the local deity of the coastal region of Karnataka. The film excites the audience from the very beginning. Sometimes you get shivered while coming across the interesting story of the local deity.

Kantara Movie Review

Shiva, the main character of the film, who lives in Kundapura village, is a man who can go to any extent to protect his forest and land. Shiva is the champion of the village in the Kambala game, which holds an important place in the culture of Karnataka. The scenes of Kambala which you can also call the race of the bulls are quite good in the film. The character of Shiva is played by Rishabh Shetty.

The main problem arises when the forest department informs the villagers about the laws of protected forests and prohibits hunting and cutting wood from the protected forest. After Seeing the film, it appears that the tribes living in the forest for years in the name of Reserved Forest were denied their basic rights to living.

As the film progress, it takes a turn and reaches the battle of the Raja’s descendants to snatch the forest land from the villagers by getting the forest land in their name again. How Shiva and Kuldevata save the village land, is the interesting story of the film.

Why watch ‘Kantara’ Kantara Movie Review

If you want to watch a great action thriller movie after a long time, then do not miss this film.But this film, embedded with folk colors, has multiple things apart from the story that makes it a must-watch.

Kantara Movie Review

The foremost highlight of the film is the ‘Bhuta Kola’ custom. Divine spirits are worshiped in the form of animals in Bhuta Kola. In the story of Kantara, there is one such deity whose name is Panjurli, it is the form of a wild boar. This form is also associated with the Varah avatar of Vishnu. But many people also highlight it as a conspiracy to associate the culture of Tribals with Hinduism.

The practice is performed in many villages in Karnataka. The person performing Kola on a particular day wears a divine dress, traditional ornaments, and rings presenting him with a divine appearance. Then this divine person dances, during which the divine enters his body and gives instructions to the people, which everyone has to firmly obey.

Kantara Movie Review

In folk culture, people who do Kola are mostly people belonging to the same family, who are proficient in this art by adapting from each other. Shiva’s family is also one of these. In the movie, Shiva’s brother performs the kola rituals. The dance is very attractive, especially the expressions on the face of the cola make the viewer’s hair stand. The main story of the film is woven around Kola itself.

Some of the romance scenes of the movie are a bit uncomfortable. In between film slows down a little but the last fifteen minutes of the climax give goosebumps to viewers. The cinematography of the movie is absolutely commendable. Every scene provides a new dimension to the movie. Rishabh Shetty’s acting leaves viewers stunned to the core of their hearts. if you want to see a different and unique film, then take out time and watch the film ‘Kantara’ full of mythology, action, history, and culture.

Climax of ‘Kantara’ -Kantara ending explained –Kantara Movie Review

The story of the film had taken various turns after the interval and the ending leaves the watcher stunned. The director has left ample scope for the making of the sequel. The background score and cinematography of the film are excellent. The film has got a rating of 9.5 on IMDb.

But what happens to Shiva, the main character in the movie Kantara played beautifully by Rishab Shetty at the end of the film? Is he dead or alive? Or, will he return back to save the forests from anyone who threatens it?

Kantara Movie Review

If we try to understand the story and its symbolism before analyzing the end it will be better. The film started with the king donating the land to the locals for his prosperity and blessing the Panjurli Daiva. All the concerned parties are happy until the year 1970 when the descendant of the same king demanded the land back from locals. The demand was made during the Bhoota Kola performance— a folklore performance where the deity possesses a chosen man from the village and dances to folk songs.

Kantara Movie Review

The diety gives a curse to the landlord that his fate will be decided on the steps of the building and that happens with the landlord, he spits blood and dies on the stair of the court.The current setting wherein the film later unfurls is in the mid-1990s. The new property manager is by all accounts agreeable with the residents. Shiva, played by Rishab Shetty, is a town number one. He has been winning the yearly Kambala, a conventional bison race.

The locals love him and the landlord is an additional sort to him. In any case, the balance of the forest town is upset when another forest official, Muralidhar, excuses the traditions of the residents, provokes their entitlement to search backwoods assets, and keeps them from making any commotion in the forest during their celebrations that could upset the locals.

Kantara Movie Review

Notwithstanding, the genuine danger, as we find, is again the landlord this while. He’s been scheming against the locals to recover the land back, a reality before long found by Shiva. On his part, Shiva, a genuine representation of God Shiva, continues to have weird dreams of a wild hog with metallic teeth and fuming eyes. He awakens essentially consistently with a bad dream. All through the film, the tune “Varaha Roopak Daiva Va Rishtam” continues to play behind the scenes. Varaha, it ends up, is likewise a wild hog, one of the symbols of Vishnu.

As things get warmed and the genuine malevolence of the landowner surfaces, the town sets itself up for one last fight against the casteist property manager and his multitude of hooligans. As far as arsenal and muscle power, the locals are no match to the property manager’s military. Ladies, youngsters — the property manager’s men spare none. Indeed, even Shiva is gagged and killed.

Just to be restored again by the demi-god Panjurli, who has him, giving him with godlike abilities — in a second that sent goosebumps to everybody in the film lobby, the whole town hurls a moan of help and goes to their god who has had Shiva, petitioning God for retaliation. It’s a bundle of fierceness after that — Shiva, or rather god Panjurli through him, destroys the landlord and his men, re-establishing the equilibrium back. The cop, who gave off an impression of being a miscreant in the primary half, is presently on the resident’s side.

Notwithstanding, Shiva, presently the new conductor for the demi-god, hears the yell of his precursor from the woods and converges with the timberland — correspondingly dissolving into a circle of fire. Once more his sweetheart, presently pregnant, becomes mindful that Shiva could maybe never return back except if there’s a danger to the woodland from covetous landowners. Will he at any point return? Not actually. He has risen above the human structure and is currently absolutely in support of the timberland gods.

In perhaps the most staggering arrangement, prior to dissolving into the woods, the demi-god takes everybody’s hands, including the cop’s, and puts it on his chest, in this way reassuring them to constantly cooperate, to be as one with the woodland, and not surpassing each other to stake guarantee over something which just genuinely has a place with Panjurli Daiva.

What could be a superior, really Indian way, of mixing fables with folklore, to show us that it is vain reasoning with respect to us people to accept that we can at any point claim nature?

FAQ- Kantara Movie Review

Kantara Movie Hero- Kantara Movie Review

‘Kantara’ starred Rishab Shetty, Pramod Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Sapthami Gowda and south actor Kishore

Kantara MeaningKantara (Kannada pronunciation: [kɑːⁿt̪ɑːrɑː]; transl. “Mystical Forest“) is a 2022 Indian Kannada-language action thriller film written and directed by Rishab Shetty, and produced by Vijay Kiragandur, under Hombale Films

Kantara movie heroine name -Kantara Movie Review

Sapthami Gowda- Leela

 Is Kantara a real story? Kantara Movie Review

What’s going on with the film Kantara? Kannada entertainer and chief Rishab Shetty stars in the film, which has been named in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. The imaginary story is enlivened by the relationship divided between the forest and individuals and happens over just about two centuries.

Is Kantara hit? Kantara Movie Review

9.1 rating in imdb.The film is a far greater hit than even PS-1 (Hindi) which had gathered close to half of it regardless of having in excess of multiple times the spending plan. As a matter of fact its expenses are around the very lines as Karthikeya 2 and that film also had shut at around somewhat north of 30 crores, while arising as a hit.

Is Kantara a good movie? Kantara Movie Review

The Manner in which He Has Caught Forest, Towns and The ‘Bhoota Kola’ Custom Is Sublime… All in all, “Kantara” Is One more Achievement From The Kannada Entertainment world After KGF Series, 777 Charlie and Ulidavaru Kandanthe… It’s A Film, Yet A Feeling That Can Be Felt On The Big Screen As it were… Highly Recommended!

Why Kantara is good? Kantara Movie Review

One of the key components, which makes Kantara an interesting watch, is: it arises as a new retelling of accounts of stories legend which contain illustrations of reflection, separation and rising above of what continually possesses our consideration and keeps us indiscriminately attached to the materialistic world. The film unfurls like a folktale.

What is the meaning of Kantara? Kantara Movie Review

Kantara, Arabic for “bridge”, may refer to: Kantara (film), a 2022 Kannada-language film. Kantara Meaning Kantara (Kannada pronunciation: [kɑːⁿt̪ɑːrɑː]; transl. “Mystical Forest“) is a 2022 Indian Kannada-language action thriller film written and directed by Rishab Shetty, and produced by Vijay Kiragandur, under Hombale Films

Why is the movie named Kantara? Kantara Movie Review

The complete name of the movie is “Kantara Dhanta Kathe,” which loosely translates to the legend of the forest. True to its title, it brings together legend and magic with the lives of the people in a narrative that manages to expertly comment on the insidious nature of the caste system itself.

What is the total collection of Kantara? Kantara Movie Review

307.56 crores (upto 03 nov data).The collection of the movie 307.56 crores gross at the box office. It has become the only Kannada film to cross 300 crores globally after KGF Chapter 2

Which God in Kantara movie? Kantara Movie Review

The films include the culture of Kambla and Bhootha Kola. A human and nature conflict where Shiva is the rebel who works against odd

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Kantara Movie Review


Kantara Movie Review

Kantara Movie Review

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