What is 3D printing

What is 3D printing

What is a 3D Printer?

The full form of a 3D Printer is “Three-Dimensional Printer “that can print any object exactly as it is. Through 3D printers, we can make statues, parts of the machine, toys, Car models, Motorcycle models, and many more. You can even take your ‘3D Selfie’ through 3D Printer. 3D printers and Printing Technology are improving day by day. It is expected that this technology will make the work of many people easier in the future and reduce human efforts every time.

How does 3D Printer Works?

3d printer

First of all designing process started with professional software such as Auto Cad Software or any other suitable 3D MODELLING SOFTWARE. After this work, the 3D process begins. Another method to do the work is to scan the object with 3D SCANNER and after this direct 3D PRINTING begins. In 3D printers, the work of printing is done using materials like plastic, rubber, copper, iron, etc. In the material in which we want to make the object or get it 3D printed, the same material is used.

3D Printer Price in India

The cost of a 3D printer depends upon features and requirements, generally, it starts from 10, 000 to 80,000, and special category 3 D print prices in many lakhs and touch even crore. The features and requirements of the client and its special use determine the cost of the machine.

Disadvantages of 3D Printing

High Energy Consumption – Electricity consumption is high in this.
Too Much Reliance on Plastic – Plastic is used in cheap and most 3D printing, you must know how much the environment is polluted due to plastic.
3D printers work very slowly.
3D printing technology is expensive.
3D printers are not user-friendly.
In 3D printing technology, we can use only a few materials.

Future Prospect

In the initial phase, if we talk about any technology, it is expensive, but gradually when it is improved and its new versions come, it becomes cheaper accordingly. To buy a 3D printer, we have to invest once, whereas we can make a product from it for many years. You can also earn good money by making great new products.
For example, the plastic cover of the mobile is also made with the help of 3D printing technology, and according to the design in the market, good money is also available. In the coming times, 3D printers will also be available like common printers. In complex machine parts, 3D technology can be considered to be very useful. The future prospect of 3D is very bright in the medical field also as it can print complex machinery at the Nanoscale.

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